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Lazor Law Group provides employment law training program

Employment Law Trainings

Lázaro Law Group regularly conducts employment law training for fortune 500 companies and municipalities.  To our knowledge, our training program is the only program to have been approved by the Department of Justice.

Our trainings are designed to change how employees feel about their workplace.  By training managers, Human Resource personnel and employees on such topics as harassment prevention, employee performance and disability and leave law, we build workplace cultures that inspire fairness and inclusion, increase worker productivity, and decrease legal risks.

Research has shown that most training programs are ineffective at changing employee behavior. Indeed, the limited research in the area has shown that computer-based trainings may actually worsen an organizations culture, rather than improve it.*   

Our training program is different.  It has been designed not only with legal principles in mind, but with what empirical research has shown works to effect change. Our training explains employment law concepts in a cooperative, easy to understand and highly interactive format. We engage managers and employees with compelling stories from real cases and events.

We teach practical tools that can be applied at every step of the employee/employer relationship -- from the interview stage all the way to employee terminations -- to improve your organization’s culture, fosters healthy working relationships and mitigate risk. Some of the areas that we provide training on include the following:  

  • Prevention of sexual and other types of harassment

  • Prevention of discrimination claims – based on race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or any other protected category

  • Best practices when hiring employees

  • Disability and Leave Issues (including FMLA), including reasonable accommodations issues because of disability and religion

  • Best practices in when managing employee performance

  • Best practices when terminating employees

  • How to appropriately respond to employee complaints – including complaints of discrimination and harassment  

Our lawyers have conducted more than 300 trainings in the area.  If you think your workplace is in need of training, please call us and we can assess your specific needs and work on a training program that specifically suits your workplace, its culture, and your needs.  

*Kim Peterson, MS and Ellen McCleery, MPH. Evidence Brief: The Effectiveness Of Mandatory Computer-Based Trainings On Government Ethics, Workplace Harassment, Or Privacy And Information Security-Related Topics (2014).

Photo by  Tim Gouw  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash