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We are business advisors who regularly counsel our clients on risk management, employment disputes and negotiations. We place a high premium on the implementation of preventive strategies to workplace issues, and regularly train employers to minimize litigation and promote positive workplace relations. When litigation arises, we take immediate action to minimize exposure and costs.

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Litigation and Administrative Charges

Our attorneys have experience working for some of the nation’s largest employment defense firms, and have experience representing employers of all sizes, from Fortune 200 Companies and worldwide conglomerates to the small business with only a few employees. Our clients include Walgreens Co., McDonald’s Corporation and the City of Chicago. For each litigation or charge, we provide personalized attention to each matter to meet the business and professional needs of our clients. We take a practical approach to resolving employment disputes.

Internal Investigations

Our lawyers are particularly equipped to handle internal investigations of sensitive matters. Prior to joining Lázaro Law Group, our attorneys spent a significant amount of their careers representing employers in major law firms around the country.  

Our clients regularly put their trust in our lawyers to investigate the most sensitive of issues.  At Lázaro Law Group, we recognize that the key to success of an internal investigation is attention to detail.  

Some representative internal investigations include:

Investigating sexual harassment charges brought by multiple females

Investigating the potential sexual harassment acts of a Senior Executive

Investigating potential retaliation charges involving a human resources director

Investigating potential race discrimination with class action implications

Investigating of numerous corporate officers for potential misuse of company policies

Investigating of disability discrimination allegations, including reasonable accommodation issues

Please feel free to contact us directly should you want to discuss your needs or if you require further details on our experience in the area.  

“I have worked with Rafael and his form for many years. He has been my “go to” partner for many investigations. Rafael is objective, fair, and thoughtful in his approach. He gets to the essence of the most complicated issues being investigated. Rafael has become a trusted parter in resolving situations and acs with integrity.”

-In house employment counsel of large privately held company

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