Put a Stop to Anti-Asian Discrimination in the Workplace

Following the rise of the Coronavirus, Asian Americans have experienced a rise in discriminatory and harassing treatment in the workplace.  No matter if it happens to you or a coworker, everyone can step up to keep hate out of the workplace.  Here’s how: 

1.     If you experience harassment because of your race: 

Make sure you make a complaint to a supervisor, but also keep a detailed record for yourself including the date, the details, and what your employer did to handle the situation.  If you feel like you aren’t safe and respected in your workplace, we can help you file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission or the Illinois Department of Human Rights.  

2.     If you witness a coworker being harassed:

Don’t be afraid to speak to a supervisor just because it isn’t happening to you.  Illinois has laws to protect whistleblowers from discipline or retaliation for reporting discrimination in the workplace, even if they aren’t the victim.  

3.     If you’re in charge of the workplace:

It’s your responsibility to make sure your employees have a safe place to work.  If you don’t already, make sure you have a policy against race discrimination in place and let your employees know how they can report any incidents.  Make sure to keep a detailed record of any complaints, and any investigation you complete as a result.  

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