Tips for Managing Election Day Madness

As we count down to one of the most contentious elections in history, many employers are noticing an uptick in discrimination and harassment claims from their workforce.  Here are three tips for managing tensions among a partisan divide: 

1.     Pull the Plug

Keeping TVs in common areas tuned to something neutral, or better yet, powered down, during the run up to the election can go a long way towards minimizing political friction in the breakroom. 


2.     Keep it Civil

As always, it’s important to have clear policies in place about what constitutes harassment in the workplace.  Make sure your employees know to keep their discourse civil, whether face-to-face or through the employee slack channel.  Circulating a note or memo that reiterates these policies, and the potential discipline that may result from breaking them, can prevent issues before they happen.  


3.     Know your Stuff 

Different states have different laws about mandatory time off to let employees vote-make sure you know what your obligations are and that your employees know their rights.   Informing your workforce about early voting or mail-in ballots can also help to reduce the number of employees taking off to vote on election day.  

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