Sexual harassment Facts: Did you know?

·      Sexual harassment doesn’t have to be perpetrated by your boss to be against the law.  It could be a peer in your company, or even a subordinate.  

·      Men are protected by sexual harassment laws too.  If you feel like you are being harassed by anyone, no matter your gender or theirs, the law protects you.  

·      You could be sexually harassed by clients or visitors in your workplace.  Your employer has a duty to make sure you have a safe place to work, even if your harasser doesn’t work for them.  

·      Not all sexual harassment is physical.  If you are subjected to severe and pervasive comments of a sexual nature, you are dealing with sexual harassment.  

·      Sexual harassment has many forms.  It could be unwanted sexual solicitation, or it could be disparaging comments about your appearance or behavior based on your gender.  

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