Illinois Hotel and Casino Employee Safety Act: Effective July 1, 2020. 

On July 1st of this year the Hotel and Casino Safety Act took effect in Illinois.  The new legislation requires all Illinois casinos and hotels to provide a notification or safety device to staff in customer-facing roles, that will allow them to immediately call for help in case of sexual assault, harassment, or other violence.  This requirement applies to both part-time and full-time staff.  

The new law also requires hotels and casinos to implement an anti-harassment policy and to post it in a conspicuous area in English, Spanish, and any other language spoken by a majority of staff.  To comply with the law, the policy must: 

o   Encourage employees to immediately report any harassment by guests or clients;

o   Allow employees to leave the vicinity until help arrives if they believe a guest is threatening them; 

o   Receive a temporary work assignment until the offending guest leaves; and

o   Receive PTO to file a police report, criminal complaint, or testify in court;

Where employers violate the act, and do not rectify the violation within 15 days of notice, employees may bring a private cause of action against the employer.  While damages are capped at $350 per violation, each day an employer is not in compliance counts as a separate violation.   Employers are also prohibited from retaliating against employees for reasonable use of their safety devices, or for relying on the anti-harassment policies. 

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